About us

Short version:

KUBIK Coworking opened in 2014 as one of the first coworking spaces in Budapest.

Longer version:

KUBIK Coworking has evolved over the years and today offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses and creative people.

In addition to our open-plan coworking space, we offer private offices, a workplace café, workshop and event space, and meeting rooms in central Budapest.

KUBIK Coworking is located right at the beginning of Pozsonyi Road, in one of the most vibrant and lovable areas of the city, and is spread over 3 floors. We opened our first residential office on Budai-Nagy Antal Street in 2019.

Our mission is to create one of the best workspaces in Budapest for independent entrepreneurs and small businesses and to support local producers and service providers.

Although we have grown and expanded the concept over the years, we have never let go of our roots. We want KUBIK to be a place where people and businesses grow and where it feels good to work.

KUBIK coworking is open to everyone. Our members work in architecture, graphic design, furniture design, programming, engineering, media, communications, journalism, philanthropy and much more.

A place where people and businesses can grow; an informal and relaxed place where you want to be; an office where you feel free to go to work.

We’re proud to be part of the many entrepreneurial stories we’ve seen over the years and welcome you to KUBIK Coworking!


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